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Scales for all sizes, shapes and applications

Body Fat Monitors | Body Composition Monitors | Baby Scales | Bathroom Scales | Mini Scales | Kitchen Scales

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A wide range of baby accessories for daily use

Mother's Choice | Ameliorative | Teats | Nappy & Safety Pins

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Take care of your body with these utensils and body care products

Beauty | Hygiene | Therapy | Body Care

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From diagnostic equipment to bed care, for all types of patients

Diagnostic Equipment | Infection Control | First Aid | Bed Care


I Sandler & Co are the leading importers, manufacturers and distributors of products to pharmacies, hospitals and health care markets in South Africa.

We have been providing our services to the community since 1947, and our product range has grown significantly in that time.

We supply general health care products, Chemists' sundries, hospital-ware, toilet requisites, surgical instruments, baby and bathroom scales, body fat monitors, and infant requisites.

We are the South Africa and Southern African agents for TANITA, Púr, Care, Gem, Kurlash and Diamon Deb. Buy TANITA online here.

Please feel free to contact us about our product range, or submit a request for a product not in our product catalog.

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